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About Candace Serio

bold jumping spider



I'm a wife and mother, and most of my time is spent wrangling my family. When I do find time for myself, I'm engaged in one of my many hobbies: photography (more on this later), painting, writing, crochet, graphic design... really anything that involves being creative. I love coffee, ice cream, and cheese cake! Some of my favorite things are: owls, bumble bees, sun flowers, daisies, purple, and teal. I love winter and playing in the snow and I hate summer with a burning passion. I've been sky diving, bicycled down a mountain, white water rafted; just to name a few adventures I've been on. I have a BA from the College of the Ozarks in Education. I've been a finalist in the Mid-America Photography Symposium's 'Ozark Photographer Challenge' two years in a row (2019 and 2020). I have a fantastic husband and the best children in the world! (I'm not bias or anything.) 

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