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Journey To Yesterday

You may laugh at the thought of time travel. Juliet Knight did before she accepted a position with the Air Force, taking her to Area 51. There she is thrown into the top secret under ground military base where she discovers anything is possible, especially time travel. When her team's objective is changed before her first solo mission back in time, Juliet is forced to enter uncharted territory and risk losing everything if she accidently changes the past.


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For the Time Being

Aelfwine Huntly is your average college student, but everything changes when his little brother, Luca, suddenly passes away. Unable to accept the loss of his brother, Aelfwine meets Mortimer (Death). Aelfwine is whisked off to the Spirit World where he is brought back together with Luca. Tempus (Father Time) sends the brothers on a mission to the other side of the Spirit World to get more sand of time from Morpheus (Sandman). The brothers have to return to Tempus before the sands of time run out or time will stop in the Spirit and Physical World; causing chaos and mass destruction. Unfortunately, the journey isn't easy; especially with Incubus (Boogieman) and Medea (Mischief) trying to stop them.

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